New year, new design!

we just launched a revised design for Element43! Our old design was based on lots of custom CSS. While it was certainly fun to have that much control, adding new UI components took a long time which could be better spent otherwise. The new layout uses less custom code while retaining much of the original look and feel. This allows us to iterate faster and add new features more quickly. Highlights include:

  • The web application can be navigated via a responsive side bar now. The old title-bar-based navigation did not have much room left for future features.

  • Improved search: We can show more suggestions now and show a nice loading bar in the search field

  • Sortable tables! You can sort tables by most columns now!

  • Animations: some very exclusive and tasteful animations including a progress bar in E43 orange were added all over the site

  • Improved performance: The dynamic background proved to be problematic on some browsers which did not use hardware acceleration. It has been removed for the time being.

  • Removed visual clutter: I think it is safe to say nobody reads fluff texts of items on market data sites

  • Checkboxes for filters were replaced with proper switch controls

  • Improved mobile support, however it is still in a rough state

As always feel free to get in touch with us if you have any feedback or want to get involved - you can find more info on our about page!

Have fun and fly safe,